Laboratoire in situ, 2016-2015
Development – over a 2 year period, of a series of kinetic sculptures based on existing architectural elements in Jaques Bilodeau’s live-in workshop, rue des Carrières Montreal. A project made possible by Canada council for the arts.

Grandam — Parc des Rapides, LaSalle, Montréal 2016-2014
A collaboration with Claude Cormier + associés Landscape Architecture and Urban Design.
Sculpture and landscape merge in a rugged stroll made of slightly staggered white marble and concrete stata. Deployed over 40 meters, this echoes the rapids on the nearby St Lawrence River.

Péril en la demeure? Jacques Bilodeau

Jacques Bilodeau: Watch Your Step


  • Pictures and videos: Jacques Perron et Sophie Bellissent
  • Conception and Web design : Abderrahman Ourahou
  • Achievement of artworks and assistance : Luigi Barsetti